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We believe technology is backbone of new world and recent advancement in technology shows how important it to bring new tech ideas. AIRIDev is a place to bring new tech ideas and solutions of modern industry problems.


AIRIDev  provides Tech solution to industry problems. We have diverse range of professional to provide solution to different industry problems. We work in Research,Innovation, and Development line.

Team Heads


Head of RID

Sahar a Fast & NUST Alumni is working at AIRIDev as Head of Reasearch, Innovation, and Development (RID).

M Talha Riaz
M Talha Riaz

Head of Research

M Talha Riaz has done MS Software Engineering from NUST and have a vast research experience. M Talha Riaz is head of AI Research at AIRIDev.

Umair Nazir

Head of AIG

Mr. Umair Nazir has rich experience of 5 years in Game Development and now Head of Game development.

M Talha Shafeeq

Marketing Manager

Mr. Talha is head of strategic Marketing at AIRIDev. His responsibilities covers all of RID marketing strategies.


M Shah Jahn
M Shah Jahan

AI Consultant/Acting CEO

A NUST alumni, AI expert and  lecturer in CS Department at HITEC University. He is a consultant in RID  and also acting CEO of AIRIDev.

Umar Aftab
Umar Aftab

Innovation Consultant

Umar Aftab is a lecturer in CS Department at HITEC University. He is a consultant in RID at AIRIDev with main focus on innovation line.

Junaid Ali Khan

SE Consultant

Junaid Ali Khan is consultant in Software Engineering line and his main responsibility is to implement SE process at AIRIDev.

Mehraz Rafeeq

Product Consultant

Mehraz Rafeeq is senior software Engineer at NETSOL and Product Consultant at AIRIDev. His main work is to give advice on new product luanch.

International Area Head

Taqueer Anjum Satti

Area Head Central Europe

Mr. Tauqeer Satti is perusing PhD in Germany and also oversees the international projects of AIRIDev.

M Mohsin Khan

Area Head Southern Europe

M Mohsin is pursuing his PhD from Italy. Mohsin is working as Area head of AIRIDev in Southern Europe which covers  Itally, Span and other neighbor countries.

Aamir Ayaaz

Area Head Northern Europe

Amir Ayaaz is working as Senior Lecturer and a PhD candidate in Finland and covers Airidev projects in Northern  Europe. Amir ayaaz is also the Head of all International area heads reside in Europe.

Khawaja M Sarmad

Area Head UK

MR. Khawaja is a lecturer in Superiors University and in September 2022 will move to United Kingdom. Mr. Sarmad is working with RID at AIRIDev and  will oversee operation in UK.

AIRIDev have team of diverse professional working in three Departments- Research, Innovation, and Development.

Our main focus is on AI solutions like Market Research, IT Innovation, and Development which includes Data Science Projects(Data mining, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing), App Development (IOS,Android), Web Development, AI Game Development.

Our Core Values

What Our Clients Say

Working with AIRIDev was a great experience not due to smooth transition of project but they way their team handle our R&D project with privacy and dignity was great.
Pricilia Doe
It was great relief to work with this Agile team. Its become easy when you work with experienced organization.
Daniel johnson
First I was shocked how professional they are. My requirements were fuzzy and ambiguous but their software engineering team help me define my domain requirement from business perspective and then let me decide what I want.
Mark Hoffman
We have worked on some Research and Development Projects and looking forward to expand our cooperation.
jenna thomson

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